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MCA at New Age Finance & Accounting Summit

The Middle East finance industry is changing at a faster pace than ever before as it moves towards digital-first solutions. With the advent of 2023, the industry is all set to welcome the most dynamic innovations and recent technological developments in the region. MCA’s Managing Partner, Mr. S Venkatesh, participated as a moderator among an esteemed list of panelists at the New-Age Finance and Accounting (Nafa) summit organized by Khaleej Times in Dubai yesterday. MCA is also a silver sponsor at this prestigious event.

The Nafa event was held to connect the boldest and brightest voices in finance to tackle the challenges of today and shape the future of the money ecosystem in the Middle East and beyond. With representatives from incumbent banks, FinTechs, associations, and technology providers, this summit brought together the who’s who of the finance world.

As the finance industry moves towards digitization, Mr. Venkatesh believes that businesses must adapt to these changes to remain competitive. He says, “Digital-first solutions are no longer a luxury but a necessity in the finance industry. Businesses must embrace these technologies to enhance their operations, increase efficiency and accuracy, and provide better services to their customers.”

MCA’s expertise in the finance industry has helped businesses of all sizes navigate the complexities of finance and accounting. The company’s team of experts provides personalized solutions to clients, based on their unique needs and requirements.

During the panel discussion, Mr. Venkatesh and the other panelists discussed the latest trends and developments in the finance industry. They also talked about the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead for the industry, such as the rise of FinTech and the need for more collaboration between banks and FinTechs.

The event was a great opportunity for industry experts to come together and discuss the challenges and opportunities facing the finance industry. As the industry continues to move towards digitization, businesses must embrace new technologies and innovations to remain competitive. MCA’s expertise in the finance industry and its customer-centric approach make it a valuable partner for businesses looking to navigate these changes.

We thank Khaleej Times for organizing such a successful event and providing us with the opportunity to participate and engage with other industry leaders. We also extend our thanks to the other panelists who shared their valuable insights and experiences during the discussion. It was truly a collaborative effort to bring together diverse perspectives on the future of finance and accounting in the Middle East. We look forward to future opportunities to continue the conversation and work towards creating a better financial future for all.