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Professional Services

VAT and Taxation

Tax laws are dynamic and subject to frequent changes in line with Government priorities. We provide expertise to comply with ever-changing laws and regulations across the GCC region. We have our specialized VAT validation platform, empowered with our local expertise which reduces people dependency and increases consistency. We are a registered tax agent in UAE for Excise and VAT.

Our VAT and Taxation services includes:

VAT Expertise

We provide VAT registration, Tax return filling , Tax Advisory & Authority representation. Our members are seasoned by supporting more than 300+ clients across the GCC. We consider it our responsibility to keep ourselves updated in the ever-changing tax scenarios in the region.

Economic Substance Regulations & Filing

Our experts will conduct a preliminary check on your business relating to the ESR applicability and provide ESR impact assessment report. We also assist the Client in filing of Information Notification and Reports with the Relevant Authorities.

Tax Representation matters

Our experts will help you in understanding the causes of non-compliance and address them for the past as well as the future. We also help our clients in filing of refund or claims with the Tax Authority and also in submission of documents in response to Tax Authority Assessment and Audits.

International Taxation

We have a team of expert tax professionals and consultants who are experienced in various tax regimes in the GCC. We helps clients to avoid the pitfalls in the decision-making process and safeguard the probable tax risks.

Anti-Money Laundering

We assess the Client in registering on the AML system. We provide expertise in developing policies, procedures and systems to comply with the AML regulation of the region.

Transaction Treatment Advisory

Our Tax consultants have in-depth knowledge in the GCC tax laws and regulations of the region and International Taxation. Our tax experts analyze the individual transaction of the business and advise on the tax related implications.