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Technology, Media and Communication

Technology, Media and Communication



Technology, Media and Communication

The Global communication industry is rapidly transforming and few industries have witnessed the identical pace of development as this sector. Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) companies offering the products, infrastructure, and content that empower and enlighten, and that boost resilience across industries, and across society.

Technology companies in GCC aim to secure their market position through disruptive innovation. The intersection between Media, Technology, and Telecommunications companies is today at its peak. Companies in the media and entertainment industry are adopting ever more technologies in their services and products.

Telecommunications companies have entered the playing field of both Media and Technology, with multiple offerings to their customers. As new technologies are adopted, it has become increasingly important for the leaders in this sector to understand the sector’s complexity and its business impact. Our Multidisciplinary team helps the clients in technical understanding, practical advice and gives insights that help them to respond in a forever evolving sector.

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