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Congratulations to our new Directors

Heartiest Congratulations to Ms. Rekha Ramaswamy and Ms. Sneha Shetty on being promoted as Directors! This is a significant achievement and a testament to your dedication and hard work put in over the last decade, being part of the MCA family. Your efforts are a celebration of women empowerment, providing further opportunity to reach your full potential in such vital leadership roles.

MCA as an organization, not only recognizes our employees’ abilities but also provides staff with the opportunity for growth and advancement within the company. The organization strongly believes in, and continues to support professional development of staff by providing training, mentoring and guidance as well as creating a positive and encouraging work environment. We believe that dedication and hard work should be rewarded and are committed to promote from within.

We are committed to creating a great place to work where everyone has the opportunity to grow, learn and advance in their career path to reach their full potential. Our expanding geographic footprint forges a path to new roles and positions.

At MCA, we believe in our employees and we are confident that together, we can achieve great things.