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In Country Value (ICV)

In Country Value (ICV)

Audit And Assurance

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In Country Value (ICV) Consultancy

ICV score is now become an integral part of the tendering process as awarding criteria is now based on the competitive pricing and high ICV score. ICV has been created with a view to diversify the UAE’s economy by localizing more goods and services, create more employment opportunities for the UAE nationals in the private sector and the localization of important functionalities in the field of oil and gas. The ICV certificate can be obtained from an ICV approved auditor. The ICV Auditor will issue the ICV certificate on the basis of the audit report of an entity issued by an approved external auditor or audit firm from the Government of UAE.

Our services includes:

Pre Certification review

To ensure that all the eligible criteria and components of ICV have been considered in the certificate preparation. Also review the preparation to avoid any disallowances at the certification time.

Coordinate with the certification body in the certification process.

Review and Re- align

Review the financial reporting system and re align the same with the ICV requirements to ensure both are integrated seamlessly.

Future planning

Consult and support the client on the effective ways to increase their future ICV score in compliance with the guidelines issued by the ICV committee.