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MCA establishing in Saudi Arabia

MCA Management Consultants is pleased to announce that it has recently obtained a license to operate as a foreign company in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Established in 2009 in Dubai UAE, MCA Auditing and MCA Management Consultants (MCA Gulf) has adopted a strategic expansion plan to increase its footprint in the GCC region and beyond. With deep gratitude, we thank the authorities for the swift approval of our license in KSA.

Our presence in KSA signifies MCA’s continued pan-GCC growth and development in the years to come. This expansion follows establishment of offices in Oman (associate of Mohamed Habib Certified Accountants) and Bahrain. The office would be located in Jeddah and operations set to commence during 1st Quarter 2022.

With the beginning of our operations in KSA, we look forward to extending our expertise in multidisciplinary management and business consultancy services to all our patrons.