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Criteria for Audited Financial Statements for Corporate Tax announced

Ministerial Decision No. 82 of 2023 specifies categories of Taxable Persons required to maintain Audited Financial Statements

Corporate Tax Law Provisions

  • The Federal Tax Authority (“FTA”) is empowered to ask a Taxable Person to furnish its financial statement
  • The Minister is empowered to specify categories of Taxable Person who are required to maintain audited financial statements.

Recent Ministerial Decision – Following persons are required to maintain Audited Financial Statements

  • A Taxable Person deriving Revenue exceeding AED 50 million during the relevant Tax Period; OR
  • A Qualifying Free Zone Person

MCA Comments

  • This is one of the key decisions of the corporate tax law. It depicts the UAE’s commitment to ease of doing business.
  • Higher threshold of AED 50 million revenue for audited financials, will give enormous compliance relief to small and medium enterprises.
  • Maintaining Audited Financial Statements would be utmost important for Qualifying Free Zone Persons, to obtain benefit of 0% tax on Qualifying Income.
  • All Qualifying Free Zone Persons are required to have audited financial statement, irrespective of the revenue amount.
  • Our recommendation is to maintain financial statement, even if audit not applicable. Financial Statement will act as a base for tax return filing and audit by the FTA.

Disclaimer: UAE Corporate Tax (CT) Law has been recently introduced. This is a summarised version of the CT legislation and it is advised to refer to the detailed law provisions prior to initiating any decisions.

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